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Applied Practice provides supplemental classroom resources, integrated test preparation, assessment options, professional development opportunities and much more.

Our resources are literature and language-based for English and topic-based for math, science, and social studies.
Each product line provides support by offering classroom activities written in the style and format of various standardized test assessments, while covering content typically taught in a unit of study.

Utilize your classroom time more efficiently by blending content review and critical test-taking practice!
All of our resources enable teachers to integrate student preparation for standardized tests with their core curriculum for grades 6-12.

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  • "I'm so pleased with the promptness of the scoring, and with the feedback students got on their work."
    – Holly Robinson, Vestavia Hills High School, Alabama
  • “Applied Practice materials are an invaluable tool. The questions give the students firsthand practice which demystifies the test so that students have a sense of being fully prepared to take the AP test.”
    - Elizabeth Aston-Sullivan, Texas AP Teacher
  • “Applied Practice has made my job as an English teacher much easier and more enjoyable! Each Applied Practice test preparation book provides grammar, vocabulary, critical reading, and writing practices that align with the novels that I am currently teaching. Gone are the days of teaching grammar, test preparation, vocabulary and essay writing in separate units. Thanks to applied practice, I can conveniently integrate all of these skills into my classic study of any novel!”
    - Laura Cronin, English Department Chair
  • “The GT Refresher online course was wonderful. Because it was self-paced, I could do it in parts and did not miss any class time with my students. The staff is not only professional, but courteous in their delivery and vigilant in making sure that the program is administered in a user friendly and fair manner. A+.”  
    - Jenna Edwards, TX AP Teacher
  • “Our campus loves using Applied Practice resource guides. The questions are well written and are an incredible resource to prepare our students for the AP exam as well as the state exam.”
    - Julie McGuane, George Ranch High School, Lamar, TX
  • This was a wonderful service for me and my students. The experience and data were so helpful! "
    - Aaryn Birchell, 2018 UT State Teacher of the Year
  • “I am probably remiss in telling you a big, fat thank you for the mock exam we received from you last year, so… THANK YOU! It provided some wonderful feedback for our kids…and as a bonus, saved the teachers time in grading."
    - Sara Hinson, Duncanville ISD
  • “My AP scores were terrific, and they were almost exactly what was predicted except some students moved from a 3 to a 4 or 5.”
    - AP Teacher, Alabama