Teacher Talk: Tackling Challenging Texts


In this session, we will examine components of published writing that students might label as “too hard” or “confusing." We also will discuss strategies that can be implemented to help students be successful when they encounter "difficult" texts. Presenter: Chancy Smith Chancy Smith, a College-Board-endorsed AP® English Language and Composition consultant, has been an educator […]

Teacher Talk Poet Spotlight: "Imbuing Engagement: Analyzing the Traumatic Jubilee of Jericho Brown’s Poetry"


Jericho Brown is one of the most accomplished modern poets of our generation: his National Book Award finalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning The Tradition manifests themes of oppression, identity, subjugation, passion, and hegemony. Hailing from Shreveport, Louisiana, Brown’s poetry illuminates the issues American students and society must reckon with. To expose students to Brown’s poetry is to honor […]

Teacher Talk: Organizing and Writing a Successful AP® Literature FRQ 3

From the chief reader's report about AP® English Literature FRQ Q3: "Responses to this question were designed to demonstrate choice, comprehension, and ability to develop and support a claim. While the first two free-response questions build on a supplied text, this question includes both the opportunity and the challenge for students to choose a work […]